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From a simple cost point of view, it makes perfect sense to invest into the small monthly fee to keep your mobile phone protected all year long.

If you can’t survive without your mobile, then phone insurance should serve you well especially if you invested a lot into purchasing your phone. Staying connected in this growing age of technology has never been so important. Ensuring your mobile is always working and protected from life’s daily hazards will help avoid those expensive replacement costs, should your phone breakdown or be damaged or stolen.

Mobile Phone Insurance

Why Do You Need Mobile Phone Insurance?

Even the most careful individual will find it difficult to avoid some form of damage occurring to one’s phone. Liquid damage is a very common reason for phones to stop working which effects the display, causes charging problems and reduces phone functionality. Your options are very limited in the case of liquid damage as if the phone is deemed beyond repair, your only option is to purchase a replacement at full price. The replacement cost could be even higher than expected in the case of contract

phones. Phones purchased on a contract tend to be subsidised across the term of the contract so will only be available at the lower price when bought with a contract. Replacing a phone without a mobile contract will show you the true value of the handset, referred to as the “sim free” or “handset only” price. A new Samsung Galaxy s6 will set you back £589 for a “sim free” handset!

Benefits Of Being Covered

Accidental damage - your phone will be repaired or the cost of repair will be paid for if your phone is damaged as the result of an accident. Cover for minor screen cracks is also included.

Liquid damage - If your phone has been damaged due to splashes or full immersion in water, it will be repaired or replaced.

Theft - If your mobile is stolen, it will be replaced.

Breakdown - Should your phone stop working, it will be repaired or replaced.

Loss (optional) - If you lose your mobile phone, it will be replaced.

Unauthorised usage - Any unauthorised calls or data usage while your phone has been stolen will be paid for. (Up to £2,500)

Worldwide cover - Use your phone anywhere in the world and still be covered for up to 90 days in any single year.

Unlimited claims - no limit to the number of claims you can make.

No claims bonus - For each year of no claims, you will accrue a 25% discount off the excess fee, up to a maximum of 4 years, after which there will be no excess fee if you claim.

Family cover - Extended cover to all immediate family members. Should they damage your phone, you are still covered.

Accessories cover - Any accessories which are lost, stolen or damaged at the same time as your phone will be replaced. (Up to a value of £150).