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With cover starting from as low as £2.99/month, you won’t even notice the tiny investment into protecting your iPad and accessories if they are damaged or stolen.

Regardless of which iPad device you have, it will be prone to accidental damage, liquid spills, theft and other risks every day. The iPad is such an expensive piece of technology, you wouldn’t want to damage it in any way or worse, to lose it. But due to unavoidable circumstances, these risks are always inevitable and you can never plan for when the worst will happen. To be on the safe side and to live care-free, why not take up an offer as comforting as an iPad insurance policy?

iPad Insurance Will Save You Money

For a device as durable and valued as the iPad, the inclusive 1 year warranty (limited for that matter), isn’t quite enough as it only covers you against defects. There is a need for a more comprehensive iPad insurance which covers you for those extras such as accidental damage, theft or breakdown.

As an iPad owner, you will know how expensive they are to replace, with replacement costs running into the hundreds of pounds. As reliable as Apple products are, no one can guarantee that your device will not be exposed to life’s daily hazards. As careful as one may be, accidents do happen.

iPads are lightweight and suffer more wear and tear than a typical laptop or desktop. They will be used more often and therefore have greater exposure to risks of being accidentally damaged. If your teenage children are lucky enough to have got an iPad, the device will be more likely to be damaged at school as it is passed around between children. It may even be stolen en route to school or on the way home. As useful as the device is for educational purposes, reality of the world we live in today shows that there are many tempted individuals who would steal an iPad given the opportunity. Hence why you should be planning ahead for that worse case scenario.

Replacement Costs With And Without Insurance

Why Do You Need An iPad Insurance Policy?

If we take the example of an iPad Air 2, currently available at £399 from the Apple Store for the 16gb version. This is the cost of replacement to you without insurance as you would have to buy a replacement yourself, if it were to breakdown outside the 1 year warranty period, or if it was damaged, lost or even stolen. Not forgetting the replacement costs of any accessories such as the case and screen protector.

If you were insured and also took out the optional cover for loss, then your only expense would be the low excess fee when making a claim. You can also make unlimited claims, with your only cost being the low excess fee every time. Monthly premiums start from £2.99/month, which is extremely affordable when compared to the replacement cost when you have no insurance.

In addition, your accessories are also covered, (up to a value of £150) and any calls made or data used which were not authorised by you will be covered, (up to a value of £2,500). This benefit alone can save you thousands of pounds if your device is stolen and the data is used up. Cover is also extended to family members, so you only need one policy to protect the same device.

Take advantage of the low cost insurance that also comes with the 1st month free and keep all your devices protected with gadget insurance.