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From a simple cost point of view, it makes perfect sense to invest into the small monthly fee to keep your laptop protected all year long. Cover starts from only £1.49/month.

Laptop Insurance Will Be A Wise Investment

While many people believe that laptop insurance is just a scam or an unnecessary additional expense, it can actually be a great investment to make. Many people regret not having purchased insurance for their new laptop when something goes wrong, but by then it is too late. It is important to examine each of the benefits associated with this type of insurance prior to buying a laptop.

You will find that accidental breakage is one of the most basic things covered under laptop insurance, and it is something that many people are grateful to have when an unfortunate accident involving their laptop occurs. It can be very easy to accidentally break one’s laptop by simply being careless, and a good insurance policy on it can save the owner a lot of money in repairs. Whether it is simply a matter of dropping your laptop while carrying it across the room or some other unforeseen circumstance, accidents happen all the time and an insurance policy can be a great thing to have in these cases.

Protection For Accidental Damage

Getting a damaged laptop repaired can cost hundreds of pounds or more, which is why opting for laptop insurance is such a good idea. If you are buying an expensive laptop and want to ensure that you don’t spend more than you have to on repairs in the future, this type of insurance is a necessity. Insurance on your laptop will cover every penny you might have to spend on repairs if it is ever accidentally damaged which will reduce your financial burden significantly.

Avoid Unnecessary Repair Bills

One of the major benefits of getting laptop insurance is that you will be guaranteed a quick replacement for your computer if it is damaged beyond repair. If you need your laptop for school or work, it can be especially important that you get it replaced as quickly as possible. Without this type of insurance, it can take weeks or even months to save up enough money for a new laptop, which is time that you will have to spend without the use of one.

Quick Replacement

Laptop theft is all too common and occurs on a daily basis. The police have logged more than 180,000 laptops, phones and tablets that were stolen in the UK. Even the BBC and their staff had over 600 laptops and 83 ipads stolen over a five year period! These statistics iterate how common laptop theft is and the importance of being insured. Replacing a stolen laptop without insurance will need a minimum investment of a few hundred pounds to buy a brand new one. With laptop insurance, you only need to pay the low excess fee to have your stolen laptop replaced.

Laptop insurance is strongly recommended for those who are going to purchase one of these portable computers, as it will save you money in the case of theft or accidental damage. With the high cost of laptop repairs and replacement, this type of insurance is truly a great investment to make. It is, however, important to look over and understand all of the terms and conditions of the insurance policy before deciding whether or not to spend the money on it.

Cover For Theft

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