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There are very few people who only have a single gadget that they use every day.  Most people will have a laptop, iPod, mobile phone and tablet which they need to insure.  Insuring each gadget individually will take a lot of time and will often be more costly.  This is why many people look at multi gadget insurance which covers all of their gadgets in a single policy.  If you are looking for multi gadget insurance, you need to know what you should look for and which companies offer the best insurance policies in the UK.


Look At Your Gadgets Which Need To Be Insured

Does Your Home Contents Insurance Cover Gadgets?

What Does Multi Gadget Insurance Cover?

Multiple gadgets in the home

Before you start looking at multi gadget insurance, you need to consider if the insurance you already have covers these items.  Most standard contents insurance will not cover your gadgets if they are taken outside of your home.  However, if you are only going to be using the gadget at home, then you could be covered already.

Standard contents insurance may come with a clause which allows you to add your gadgets even when they are not in the property.  You will have to pay extra for this and


When you look at multi gadget insurance, you need to look at the gadgets that you are going to be insuring.  Certain insurance policies will provide different cover for different gadgets and you need to be aware of this.  The policy that you take could treat your laptop differently to your mobile phone, ipod or camera.

Insuring A Laptop

If you are insuring a laptop, you need to ensure that the policy limit is adequate.  This is particularly important if you have a laptop which is top of the range and costs a lot to replace.  The policy should also cover damage caused by liquid should you spill water onto the keys.  There are some insurers that will cover screen cracks, but you will have to read the small print for this. Cheaper insurance policies might not cover your laptop for mechanical breakdown.  

Insuring Your Mobile phone

If you are insuring your mobile phone, you need a policy that covers accidental damage.  You will also need to check if loss and theft are included or if you have to pay an additional premium for this.  Some insurers impose larger excesses when loss and theft are included.  You should also check to see if your insurance covers unauthorized data usage and what the policy limits will be.  Many insurers will insist that you have to inform your service provider of the loss or theft of the phone within a set timeframe.

Insuring Your iPod/MP3 Player

Covering your iPod or MP3 player is also a good idea, but you need to ensure that this covers theft.  These devices are small and easy for thieves to take.  A standard gadget insurance policy will offer accidental damage and breakdown outside of the manufacturer's guarantee.  Not all insurance will cover theft and loss so you need to read the fine print.

Insuring A Camera/Camcorder

If you have a camera or camcorder that you use while travelling, you need to look at insuring this.  You will generally have to provide the insurer with details of the camera or camcorder before they insure it.  You should check that the policy will cover any accessories that you have for the gadget.  The policy limit should also be adequate enough to cover the costs of replacing the gadget.

Multi gadget insurance policies will cover a set number of gadgets, but you need to consider what they will be covering. Most insurance will cover your gadgets against accidental damage which include liquid spillage, breakdown or mechanical failure if the gadget is outside the warranty period and theft cover. The only problem with multi gadget cover is that the terms and conditions will vary depending on the company you use and the gadgets that you want to cover. It is important that you always read the small print on your insurance policy before you agree to anything.

Some insurers will have an extra premium if you want to cover your gadgets for loss or theft. Some gadget insurance policies will come with a 24 to 48-hour replacement service along with worldwide cover. There are some companies that will also include mobile phone back-up upon registration which means that if you lose your phone you will still have access to all the information on it. This is something that you should consider if you keep a lot of important information on your phone.

Something that you need to be aware of when it comes to gadget insurance is the fact that many insurers have exclusions. These exclusions could include leaving your gadget unattended or failing to report the theft or loss within 24-hours resulting in your policy being invalidated.  Some insurers will narrow this timeframe even more and require you to report the loss or theft within 12-hours. There are also restrictions often placed on the age of the gadget. There are some companies that will not insure gadgets that are more than 18 months old.  You should also take a careful look at the excess rules for the insurance. The excess is the amount you will need to pay toward the claim and in some cases, this could be more than what the gadget is worth.

Multiple gadgets in the home

the extra payment may be much higher than gadget insurance policies.  There is also the chance that the insurance provider will limit the value of the cover to a single item.  The excess of your insurance policy will also be increased in most cases and could be so high that it is not worth making a claim. If you do not want to use your contents insurance policy to cover your gadgets, you need to look at separate gadget insurance.

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