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The 21st century is known as the technological era with the internet being one of the most important features in a person's life.  It is seen that people in contemporary society now use the internet to communicate, socialise, and even buy groceries from their favourite supermarket.  In previous years, a person would remain connected to the internet using an online connection and a laptop.  For people who wished to remain online while mobile, it was possible to purchase a Wi-Fi package for one's mobile phone.  Nowadays, the tablet is the most common technological device used to stay online and keep in contact with the internet.


What Is A Tablet?

Apple iPad Tablet

A tablet can be described as a miniature laptop computer.  The most common and well-known type of tablet is the iPad, but various other brands are available and are as effective as this Apple device.  Tablets are typically used for gaming, communication and use of social media platforms because they base their operations on the function of downloaded applications.  

Tablets can also be used to view videos, watch Netflix and even compile documents when away from a computer. One can also use remote desktop connection apps such as Team Viewer to work remotely and control another device in another location, such as your personal computer at home, or your desktop pc at work.

Buying The Right Tablet For Your Needs

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

When purchasing a tablet, it is important that you take certain considerations into account to find the best device for your needs. If you need power and performance for mobile gaming then the Apple iPad will be your best choice as their processing power and operating system stability will provide the best performance overall. If you are more into taking pictures, watching videos, then you would be better suited to the range of galaxy tablets from Samsung, as their screens and cameras offer far better depth of colour when taking pictures and watching video content.

Although mobile games will look better on a Samsung tablet screen, the performance will suffer with more performance intensive games. The operating system will also dictate your choice of tablet. Android tablet or ios tablet is a question to ask yourself. Although, you may prefer to stick to a Windows tablet if you are more familiar with their devices and operating system.

The price tags associated with these top end tablets may be quite shocking at first, especially considering that you can find non-branded android tablets for as cheap as £39.99. The difference in price though is due to inferior specs, such as lower storage space, slower processor, low mega pixel camera and inferior sound quality such as a mono speaker instead of stereo. For kids, these types of devices are perfect as they allow your children to take their first steps with the new age of technological devices, without breaking the bank. Plus, if something did happen to them, they are cheap enough to replace by purchasing a new one. There is no need to get tablet insurance for devices that are valued this cheap. However, for devices that cost in excess of a few hundred pounds to replace, investing in tablet insurance will save you hundreds of pounds in repair/replacement costs, with every claim.

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