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Now that you see how important it is to choose the right insurance company for your Apple iPad, is it not time to purchase a policy?

Anyone who has owned an iPad understands the importance of keeping it in top condition. This is especially true if you lease it from a carrier or go on a contract. In order to give yourself peace of mind that your iPad will return in the best possible condition so you aren’t charged extra is to take out insurance. Most people who own Apple products have some sort of insurance on them because of how much they cost. Additionally, the resale value of a product in mint condition is obviously much higher than something that looks like its been through the ringer. To help guard against loss of value to your iPad, make sure you check out all of the insurance options that are out there.

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When you first purchase the iPad the phone carrier will always try to convince you to add on insurance. It is no different than buying an expensive television or appliance at any of the big retail stores. It is the same for the iPad, since that product is highly valuable, especially the ones that are brand new. On the older iPads you can get away with not having insurance because the value has gone down significantly, but with any of the new products it is best to make a small investment to guard against a complete loss.

Now the tricky part of all this is which insurance company should you use. Every smart phone owner who has purchased insurance and actually tried to use it may be in for a surprise depending on the company they used. Insurance companies are different in what they cover and what you are required to pay for your excess. The excess being the amount you must pay before the insurance company pays for the rest of the repairs.

Be very wary of those retail stores that claim they are an affiliate of a major carrier, and although they might be, usually they are independently owned and use their own insurance company. Many times over the last few years there have been stories about these insurance companies not paying out on claims. Even if they do pay out, sometimes it is never enough and you can wind up fitting the bill.

iPad insurance is not expensive at all and can start from as low as £2.99 per month depending on your phone model and choice of additional cover options. The important thing is to read over the contract first to make sure you fully understand what is and what is not covered. Remember this is very important to know because some of these insurance companies try to get unsuspecting customers to sign up with them before they realize what they’ve agreed to.

Also remember that you have the option to walk away from any insurance agreement you are not comfortable with. Never let a salesman pressure you into buying iPad insurance because it is not mandatory. But of course it is highly recommended if you purchase a new iPad if you are under contract or lease it through a carrier.

As you carefully wade through all the different iPad insurance companies, jot down which ones get high reviews. It can’t be stressed enough that some of these companies will not pay out on the claims, or delay the process to the point where you give up out of frustration trying to recover money for the repairs.